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AINA 2005
The IEEE 19th International Conference on
Advanced Information Networking and Applications

March 28 - March 30, 2005
Tamkang University, Taiwan

(March 16, 2005) It is to be regretted that Prof. Peter Chen cannot come to AINA 2005 for the opening keynote speech on 3/28 due to medical examinations scheduled at the last minute. Dr. Bao-Shuh Paul Lin of ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), Taiwan has promised to give the keynote. Dr. Lin is the CTO, Comm. & Opto-electronics Technical Area and Vice President of ITRI.

(March 7, 2005) Useful information from Local Arrangement Chair including conference venue, conference schedule, transportation, shuttle buses, maps, tour, reception, banquet, and tourist information is now ready. Please download Welcome Letter and TKU Map.

The paper and participant registration of AINA2005 workshop have to be registered through AINA2005 web. Please check the AINA2005 registration information.

To authors: The length of each paper is SIX pages for the AINA2005 conference, the USW2005 workshop, the WAMIS2005 workshop, and the IPv6 workshop, and is FOUR pages for the INA2005 workshop. No extra pages will be accepted.

For authors who carry the China passport

Totally 451 papers were submitted. The papers are now being reviewed.

Important Information for Authors

Sponsored by
  IEEE Computer Society TCDP
  Tamkang University, Taiwan

In cooperation with
  ITRI, Taiwan
  Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development (AOARD)
  Army Research Office-Far East (ARO-FE)

The International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA 2005) will be held in Taiwan in March 28 - 30, 2005. It will include sessions on all aspects of theory, design and application of computer networks and distributed computing systems. Aside the regular presentation, the AINA meeting will include keynote addresses with speakers from both industry and academia.

High quality papers selected from papers presented at AINA-2005 will be published in special issues of international journals.