AINA-07 Main Conference Accepted Paper List
ID Title Author Email Country/Region
107 Uniformity and Efficiency of a Wireless Sensor Network's Coverage Md Ashiqur Rahman, Sajid Hussain sajid.hussain(at) Canada
115 Efficient Analysis of Systems with Multiple States Liudong Xing lxing(at) US
126 Parallel Lossless Data Compression Based on the Burrows-Wheeler Transform Jeff Gilchrist, Aysegul Cuhadar jeff(at) Canada
141 Immediate Mode Scheduling of Independent Jobs in Computational Grids Fatos Xhafa, Leonard Barolli, Arjan Durresi barolli(at) Japan
144 Modeling and Analysis of Interrupt Disable-Enable Scheme Khaled Salah,  Khalid ElBadawi salah(at) Saudi Arabia
142 Experimental Performance Evaluation of a Pro-Active Ad-hoc Routing Protocol Giuseppe De Marco, Makoto Ikeda, Tao Yang, Leonard Barolli barolli(at) Japan
151 Energy-Optimized Cluster Head Rotation Strategy in Wireless Sensor Networks Yong Wu, Zhong Chen, Qi Jing, Yong-cai Wang wuyong(at) China
155 A Stateful Real-Time Intrusion Detection System for high-speed network Sourour Meharouech, Adel Bouhoula, Tarek Abbes m.sourour(at) France
156 VIP: a Virtual Interface-based aPproach for vertical handover in single-subnet networks Wei-Cheng Xiao, Ling-Jyh Chen, Shih-Hsuan Tang, Cheng-Fu Chou cclljj(at) Taiwan
164 Designing Configurable Publish-Subscribe Scheme for Decentralised Overlay Networks Lipo Chan, Shanika Karunasekera lipoc(at) Australia
175 Analysis of the Thresholds for Regular Low-Density Erasure Codes Jianjun Mu, Xinmei Wang jjmu(at) China
178 TS-Trees: A Non-Alterable Search Tree Index for Trustworthy Databases on Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) Storage Jian Pei, Mag Man Ki Lau, Philip Yu jpei(at) Canada
182 Packet Scheduling for the Proportional Differentiation Model based on Measurement Windows Alencar Melo, Mauricio Magalhaes, Juan Adan alencarmj(at) Brazil
183 How to Study Wireless Mesh Networks: A hybrid Testbed Approach Alexander Zimmermann, Mesut Gunes, Martin Wenig, Ulrich Meis, Jan Ritzerfeld zimmermann(at) Germany
184 A Class-Based Search System in Unstructured P2P Networks Juncheng Huang, Xiuqi Li, Jie Wu huangjc1982(at) US
195 A Data Fusion Approach to Mobile Location Estimation based on Ellipse Propagation Model within a Cellular Radio Network Junyang Zhou, Joseph Kee-Yin Ng zhoujunyang(at) Hong Kong
198 Design and Buffer Sizing of TCAM-Based Pipelined Forwarding Engines Yufeng Li, Han Qiu, Julong Lan, Jiangxing Wu lyf(at) China
199 3D-wavelet based Secure and Scalable Media Streaming in a central-controlled P2P framework Zhijia Chen, Chuang Lin, Hao Yin, Lu Ai zj-chen05(at) China
202 Considering Runtime Restrictions in Self-Healing Distributed Systems Christoph Danne, Viktor Duck, Benjamin Kloepper, Matthias Tichy Benjamin.Kloepper(at) Germany
203 T2CP-AR: A system for Transparent TCP Active Replication Ayari Narjess, Barbaron Denis, Lefevre Laurent, Primet Pascale narjess.ayari(at) France
204 Delfos: the Oracle to Predict Next Web User's Accesses Bernardo de la Ossa, Jose Antonio Gil, Julio Sahuquillo, Ana Pont berospe(at) Spain
209 Symbiotic Audio Communication on Interactive Transport Javed Khan, Olufunke Olaleye javed(at), oolaleye(at) US
210 Quantitative Analysis of Location Management and QoS in Wireless Mobile Networks Yan Zhang, Laurence T. Yang, Jianhua Ma, Jun Zheng, Mingtuo Zhou, Shaoqiu Xiao yanzhang(at) Norway
211 Self-Adapting personalized Courseware Model Based on Agent Cao Jiuxin, Mao Bo, Luo Junzhou, Ge Liang jx.cao(at) China
212 Un-biasing the Link Farm Effect in PageRank Computation Arnon Rungsawang, Komthorn Puntumapon, Bundit Manaskasemsak arnon(at) Thailand
215 On Quantifying Fault Patterns of the Mesh Interconnect Networks Farshad Safaei, Ahmad Khonsari, Mahmood Fathy, Hossein Shafiei, Soheil Khosravipour, Mohamed Ould-Khaoua safaei(at) Iran
217 Design of a decentralized algorithm for deploying services within networked nodes Emir Hammami, Thierry Villemur villemur(at) France
218 The Effect of Node Failures in Substar Reliability of a Star Network- a Combinatorial Approach Shahram Latifi, Venka Palaniappan latifi(at) US
224 An Improved Analysis on the Loss Performance of Optical Bursts Mushi Jin, Oliver Yang mjin(at) Canada
226 A Multi-Layer and Multi-Perspective Approach to Compose Web Services Djamal Benslimane, Zakaria Maamar, Yehia Taher, Mohammed Lahkim, Marie-Christine Fauvet, Michael Mrissa zakaria.maamar(at) France
227 Massive Data Input System for Vegetable Geographical Origin Identification System using Trace Element Compositions Nobuyoshi Sato, Minoru Uehara, Koichiro Shimomura, Hirobumi Yamamoto, Kenichi Kamijo jju(at) Japan
228 Power and Delay Analysis of The WEAC Protocol Based MANET Under Video Transport Hafiz Asif, Tarek Sheltami tarek(at) Saudi Arabia
234 Evaluating the Feasibility of Traffic-Based Intrusion Detection in an 802.15.4 Sensor Cluster Vojislav Misic, Jobaida Begum vmisic(at) Canada
235 QOMET: A Versatile WLAN Emulator Razvan Beuran, Lan Tien Nguyen, Khin Thida Latt, Junya Nakata, Yoichi Shinoda razvan(at) Japan
236 A Thesaurus Construction Method from Large ScaleWeb Dictionaries Kotaro Nakayama, Takahiro Hara, Shojiro Nishio hara(at) Japan
237 An Adaptive Localized Algorithm for Multiple Sensor Area Coverage Antoine Gallais, Jean Carle Antoine.Gallais(at) France
240 Towards Quantifying the (In)Security of Networked Systems Xiaohu Li, Paul Parker, Shouhuai Xu shxu(at) US
243 Load-Balancing SSL Cluster Using Session Migration Ryosuke Hatsugai, Takamichi Saito hatsugai(at) Japan
250 Detection of Silent Worms using Anomaly Connection Tree Nobutaka Kawaguchi, Hiroshi Shigeno, Kenichi Okada kawaguti(at) Japan
254 Integrated TDM in Single-Hop Slotted All-Optical OPS Networks Akbar Ghaffar Pour Rahbar, Oliver Yang akbar_rahbar92(at) Canada
257 Automating Overlay Networks Management Ibrahim Al-Oqily, Ahmed Karmouch ialoqily(at) Canada
259 Deployment of Service-Oriented Applications Integrating Physical ans IT Systems Antonin Chazalet, Philippe Lalanda chazalet(at) France
260 One-Pass Authentication and Key Agreement Procedure in IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) for UMTS Chung-Ming Huang, Jian-Wei Li huangcm(at) Taiwan
264 Cross Layer Fast Handoff for SIP Eunchul Cha, Myungchul Kim, Kyounghee Lee eccha(at) Korea
267 Geo-Linda: a Geometry Aware Distributed Tuple Space Julien Pauty, Paul Couderc, Michel Banâtre, Yolande Berbers julien.pauty(at) Belgium
268 SIP extensions to support (micro)payments Antonio Ruiz-Martinez, Juan A. Sanchez, Antonio F. Gomez-Skarmeta jlaguna(at) Spain
270 QoS-Based Network Service Broker for High-Performance Grid Applications Qiang Duan, Michelle Telly, Neeta Seetha qduan(at) US
273 QuViE/P: An Effective QoS Control scheme for 3-D Virtual Environments Based on User's Perception Takayuki Kuroda, Takuo Suganuma, Norio Shiratori suganuma(at) Japan
274 Stepwise Log Summarizing Method for Real-Time Network Event Handling Masahiro Nagao, Gen Kitagata, Takuo Suganuma, Norio Shiratori suganuma(at) Japan
275 Grid-Aware Evaluation of Regular Path Queries on Spatial Networks Zhuo Miao, Dan Stefanescu, Alex Thomo thomo(at) Canada
281 Optimizing Performance of Web Service Providers Dmytro Dyachuk, Ralph Deters dod401(at) Canada
282 Optimal Training Sequences for MIMO Correlated and Frequency-Selective Fading Channels Jiyong Pang, Jiandong Li, Linjing Zhao, Zhuo Lu jypang(at) China
288 A Protocol vSCSI for Ethernet-based Network Storage Dan Feng, Jun Ye, Zhan Shi dfeng(at) China
289 A Rule-Based Expert Server System for Multimedia Transmission Xiaofei Zhou, Kenneth Ong xiaofei.zhou(at) Singapore
291 A Distributed Approach to Detect DDoS Attacks in ISP Domain Krishan Kumar, R.C Joshi, Kuldip Singh kksaldec(at) India
301 On the Design of an Efficient Architecture for Supporting Large Crowds of Autonomous Agents Miguel Lozano, Pedro Morillo, Juan Manuel Orduña, Vicente Cavero Juan.Orduna(at) Spain
305 Pervasive Service Composition in the Home Network Andre Bottaro, Anne Gerodolle, Philippe Lalanda andre.bottaro(at) France
310 Integrated Design of Grid-based Routing in Wireless Sensor Network Yen-Wen Chen, Chin-Shiang Kuo ywchen(at) Taiwan
311 Depth-Latency Tradeoffs in Multicast Tree Algorithms Michael Helmick, Fred Annexstein mike.helmick(at) US
314 Fuzzy Recommendation towards QoS-Aware Pervasive Learning Zhiwen Yu, Norman Lin, Yuichi Nakamura, Shoji Kajita, Kenji Mase yu(at) Japan
321 A Tree-based Energy-efficient Algorithm for Data-Centric Wireless Sensor Networks Frank Yeong-Sung Lin, Yean-Fu Wen, Wen-Cheng Kuo yeanfu(at) Taiwan
322 Weighted Least-Squares Solutions for Energy-Based Collaborative Source Localization Using Acoustic Array Kebo Deng, Zhong Liu dengkebo(at) China
323 Specifying Kerberos over EAP: Towards an integrated network access and Kerberos single sign-on process Saber Zrelli, Yoichi Shinoda zrelli(at) Japan
324 Performance Evaluation of Multicast Cost Sharing Mechanisms Nandan Garg, Daniel Grosu dgrosu(at) US
334 Joint Call Admission Control in the Next-generation Integrated WLAN / 3G Cellular Networks Chunming Liu, Chi Zhou liuchunming(at) US
343 Fault Detection and Recovery in a Transactional Agent Model Youhei Tanaka, Naohiro Hayashibara, Tomoya Enokido, Makoto Takizawa youhei(at) Japan
344 A Distributed Correlative Power Control Scheme for Mobile Ad hoc Networks using Prediction Filters Basel Alawieh, Chadi Assi, Wessam Ajib b_alawi(at) Canada
347 A Proxy-Based Integrated Cache Consistency and Mobility Management Scheme for Mobile IP Systems Weiping He, Ing-Ray Chen, Baoshan Gu weiping(at) US
348 A Bridge Linking Ubiquitous Devices and Grid Services Hiroyuki Morohoshi, Runhe Huang, Jianhua Ma rhuang(at) Japan
351 Pair-Wise Path Key Establishment in Wireless Sensor Networks Jang-Ping Sheu, Jui-Che Cheng sheujp(at) Taiwan
373 Detecting Anomalous Events in Ubiquitous Sensor Environments using Bayesian Networks and Nonparametric Regression Sun Yong Kim, Miyuki Imada, Masakatsu Ohta sunk(at) Japan
374 An Optimal Approach for Image Transmission in Multi-Rate Wireless Sensor Network Honggang Wang, Dongming Peng, Wei Wang, Hamid Sharif hwang(at) US
385 Fighting Erosion in Dynamic Large-Scale Overlay Networks Roberto Baldoni, Silvia Bonomi, Leonardo Querzoni, Adriano Rippa, Sara Tucci Piergiovanni, Antonino Virgillito querzoni(at) Italy
389 Anonymous Stabilizing Leader Election using a Network Sequencer Matthias Wiesmann, Xavier Defago defago(at) Japan
396 Spatial-Temporal Method for Image Restoration in Aged Motion Pictures Rong-Chi Chang, Timothy K. Shih rongchi(at) Taiwan
397 A Cost-Sensitive Model for Preemptive Intrusion Response Systems Natalia Stakhanova, Samik Basu, Johnny Wong ndubrov(at) US
398 Traffic Flow based EDCF for QoS Enhancement in IEEE 802.11e Wireless LAN Eunjun Choi, Wonjun Lee, Timoth K. Shih wlee(at) Korea
400 Using SPC Table to Strengthen SCORM Compliant Assessment Wen-Chih Chang, Timothy K. Shih earnest(at) Taiwan
404 Role-based Concurrency Control in a Subject- and Purpose-Oriented (SPO) View Tomoya Enokido, Makoto Takizawa eno(at) Japan
408 Near-optimal Node Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks for Environment Monitoring Dawei Xia, Natalija Vlajic vlajic(at) Canada
412 Markov Chain Model for Performance Analysis of Transmitter Power Control in Wireless MAC Protocol: Towards Delay Minimization in Power-network Control Muhammad Tahir, Sudip Mazumder mtahir1(at) US
413 Efficient Minimum Cost Area Localization for Wireless Sensor Network with Mobile Sink Saad Munir, Wenbin Yu, Jian Ma samunir(at) China
416 Multipath Cellular Network Architecture for Quality Assured Multimedia Delivery Abdullah Yusuf, Manzur Murshed Abdullah.Yusuf(at) Australia
420 Mapping a group of jobs in the error recovery of the Grid-based workflow within SLA context Quan Dang Minh, Jorn Altmann quandm(at) Germany
425 Multiple Entity Types Wireless Broadcast Database System Agustinus Borgy Waluyo, Feng Zhu, David Taniar, Bala Srinivasan, Wenny Rahayu David.Taniar(at) Australia
426 Agent Based Approach to Minimize Energy Consumption for Border Nodes Elhadi Shakshuki, Haroon Malik Elhadi.Shakshuki(at) Canada
429 Experimental analysis of peer-to-peer streaming in cellular networks Almudena Diaz, Pedro Merino, Laura Panizo, Álvaro Manuel Recio almudiaz(at) Spain
430 Efficient Query Processing for Large XML Data in Distributed Environments Hiroto Kurita, Kenji Hatano, Jun Miyazaki, Shunsuke Uemura miyazaki(at) Japan
431 A Service Oriented Architecture for Extracting and Extending Sub-Ontologies in the Semantic Grid Andrew Flahive, Wenny Rahayu, David Taniar, Bernady Apduhan, Carlo Wouters, Tharam Dillon David.Taniar(at) Australia
432 A Visual Bookmark Sharing System Considering Retrieval Scenes and Its Evaluations Shoichi Nakamura, Hirokazu Shirai, Hiroaki Kaimnaga, Setsuo Yokoyama, Youzou Miyadera nqb39133(at) Japan
437 Policy-based Adaptable Service Systems Architecture Paramai Supadulchai, Finn Arve Aagesen paramai(at) Norway
440 Implementing a Peer-to-Peer Web Browser for Publishing and Searching Web Pages on Internet Heverson Borba Ribeiro, Lau Cheuk Lung, Altair Olivo Santin, Neander Larsen Brisola lau(at) Brazil
444 A Mobility-aware and Cross-layer Based Middleware for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Mieso Denko, Elhadi Shakshuki, Haroon Malik 078337m(at) Canada
449 Analytical Modelling of Hybrid PQ-GPS Scheduling Systems under Long-Range Dependent Traffic Xiaolong Jin, Geyong Min x.jin(at) UK
455 Dynamic Bandwidth allocation in SIP based MPLS Mohamed EL Hachimi, Bernard Tremblay, Michel Kadoch, Maria Bennani mohamed.elhachimi(at) Canada
457 An Analytical Performance Model for the Spidergon NoC Mahmoud Moadeli, Ali Shahrabi, Wim Vanderbauwhede, Mohamed Ould-Khaoua a.shahrabi(at) UK
459 Agri-Food Traceability Management using a RFID System with Privacy Protection Paolo Bernardi, Claudio Demartini, Filippo Gandino, Bartolomeo Montrucchio, Maurizio Rebaudengo, Erwing Ricardo Sanchez filippo.gandino(at) Italy
460 Applying Web-based Networking Protocols and Software Architectures for providing adaptivity, personalization, and remotization features to Industrial Human Machine Interface Applications Alessandro Bozzon, Marco Brambilla, Piero Fraternali, Paolo Speroni, Giovanni Toffetti mbrambil(at) Italy
461 A Grid Services-Oriented Architecture for Efficient Operation of Distributed Data Warehouses on Globus Pascal Wehrle, Maryvonne Miquel, Anne Tchounikine pascal.wehrle(at) France
463 Building sensor networks using 802.15.4 beacon enabled networks with slave-slave interconnections Jelena Misic, Ranjith Udayshankar jmisic(at) Canada
465 Three Dimension QoS Deviation based Scheduling in Adaptive Wireless Networks Mohammad Hossien Yaghmaee, Ramtin Kazemi, Kazem Chiti-zadeh hyaghmae(at) Iran
467 Collaborative Signal Reinforcement in Sensor Networks Tingting Meng, Peter Athanas tmeng(at) US
468 Comparison of Throughput Performance for the IEEE 802.11a and 802.11g Networks Puttipong Mahasukhon, Michael Hempel, Song Ci, Hamid Sharif pmahasukhon(at) US
469 Collaborative Synchronization for Signal Reinforcement in Sensor Networks Todd Fleming, Peter Athanas tbflemin(at) US
470 Optimization of update intervals in Dead-Peer-Detection using adaptive Fuzzy Logic Vesselin Tzvetkov tzvetkov(at) Germany
474 A Virtual Travel Agent System for M-Tourism with a Web Service Based Design and Implementation Yves T.F. Yueh, Dickson K.W. Chiu, Ho-fung Leung, Patrick C.K. Hung dicksonchiu(at) Hong Kong
477 Improving Throughput-delay Performance by Merged Packet Routing in Wirelessly Controlled Interactive Power Networks Muhammad Tahir, Sudip Mazumder mtahir1(at) US
479 A Distributed and Dynamic Data Gathering Protocol for Sensor Networks Huseyin Ozgur Tan, Ibrahim Korpeoglu korpe(at) Turkey
480 Improving distributed join efficiency with extended bloom filter operations Loizos Michael, Wolfgang Nejdl, Odysseas Papapetrou, Wolf Siberski siberski(at) Germany
482 Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of GRED-I Congestion Control for Differentiated Bursty Traffic Lan Wang, Geyong Min, Irfan Awan lwang9(at) UK
483 FAST: Fast Autonomous System Traceback Vamsi Paruchuri, Arjan Durresi, Leonard Barolli durresi(at) US
484 Performance Analysis of an Active Flow Control Mechanism with Entry Threshold in InfiniBand Network shihang yan, Irfan Awan, Geyong Min shyan(at) UK
486 Collision prevention using group communication for asynchronous cooperative mobile robots Rami Yared, Xavier Defago, Matthias Wiesmann r-yared(at) Japan
491 DHTs over Peer Clusters for Distributed Information Retrieval Odysseas Papapetrou, Wolf Siberski, Wolf-Tilo Balke, Wolfgang Nejdl siberski(at) Germany
492 An Authentication and Access Control Framework for Group Communication Systems in Grid Environment Deqing Zou, Laurence T. Yang, Weizhong Qiang, Xueguang Chen, Zongfen Han deqingzou(at) China
497 Trusted Gossip: A Rumor Resistant Dissemination Mechanism for Peer-to-Peer Information Sharing Arindam Mitra, Muthucumaru Maheswaran arindam(at) Canada
499 Localization in Time and Space for Sensor Networks Horacio Oliveira, Eduardo Nakamura, Antonio Loureiro, Azzedine Boukerche loureiro(at) Brazil
500 Reliable Strict Quality-of-Service with Unreserved Backup Paths Ing-Wher Chen, Mabo Ito ingwherc(at) Canada
501 Relaxed Failure Recovery Process for Reliable Quality-of-Service using Unreserved Backup Paths Ing-Wher Chen, Mabo Ito ingwherc(at) Canada
504 A Distributed Coordination Protocol for a Heterogeneous Group of Peer Processes Ailixier Aikebaier, Naohiro Hayashibara, Tomoya Enokido, Makoto Takizawa alixir(at) Japan
506 A Hierarchical Key Establishment Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Jamil Ibriq, Imad Mahgoub jibriq(at) US
511 An Application-driven MAC-layer Buffer Management James She, Fen Hou, Pin-Han Ho james(at) Canada
512 Event Based Extensible Interactive Transparent Networking: Performance Study with Fast TCP Principles Javed Khan, Pradeep Kumar Punnam, Raid Zaghal javed(at) US
513 On-Demand Real-Time Information Dissemination: A General Approach with Fairness, Productivity and Urgency Chih-Lin Hu Taiwan
515 OntSum: A Semantic Query Routing Scheme in P2P Networks Based on Concise Ontology Indexing Juan Li, Son Vuong juanli(at) Canada
516 Robust and Large Scale Distributed Disaster Information System over Internet and Japan Gigabit Network Hiroyuki Echigo, Hiroaki Yuze, Tsuyoshi Hoshikawa, Nobuhiro Sawano, Yoshitaka Shibata shibata(at) Japan
520 Home-Explorer:Search, Localize and Manage the Physical Artifacts Indoors Bin Guo, Michita Imai bingo(at) Japan
528 Design and Implementation of the UsMSS : User-centric secure Multimedia Service System in Intelligent Home Jong Hyuk Park, Sangjin Lee, Dong Hoon Lee, Jongin Lim, In-Hwa Hong, Laurence T. Yang parkjonghyuk(at) Korea
530 Selective Querying in Sensor Networks: Parameters and Strategies John Meyer, Fatma Mili, Imad Elhajj jcmeyer(at) US
531 Data Stream Based Algorithms For Wireless Sensor Network Andre Aquino, Carlos Figueiredo, Eduardo Nakamura, Luciana Buriol, Antonio Loureiro, Antonio Fernandes, Claudionor Coelho loureiro(at) Brazil
538 A P2P Network Protocol for Efficient Choreography of Web Services Muhammad Younas, Irfan Awan, Robert Holton, David Duce m.younas(at) UK
541 UMP-PerComp: A Ubiquitous Multiprocessor Network-Based Pipeline Processing Framework for Pervasive Computing Environments Mitsunori Kubo, Baoliu Ye, Arata Shinozaki, Takayuki Nakatomi, Minyi Guo minyi(at) Japan
542 Multiprocessor Simulator System Based on Multi-way Cluster Using Double-buffered Model Arata Shinozaki, Msatoshi Shima, Minyi Guo, Mitsunori Kubo minyi(at) Japan
543 DHHT-RAID: A Distributed Heterogeneous Scalable Architecture for Dynamic Storage Environments Gunnar Schomaker pinsel(at) Germany
544 Combinatorial Fusion Criteria for Robot Mapping Damian M. Lyons, D. Frank Hsu, Qiang Ma, Liang Wang lyons(at) US
545 4VP+: A Novel Meta OS Approach for Streaming Programs in Ubiquitous Computing Yaoxue Zhang, Yuezhi Zhou zyx(at) China
546 RouteGA: A Grid Load Balancing Algorithm with Genetic Support Rodrigo F. de Mello, Jos´e A. Andrade Filho, Luciano J. Senger, Laurence T. Yang mello(at) Brazil
547 Modeling for NASA Autonomous Nano-Technology Swarm Missions and Model-Driven Autonomic Computing Michael Hincheya, Yuan-Shun Dai, Christopher A. Rouff, James L. Rasha, Mingrui Qi ydai(at) US
in total  134