Conference sessions will take place at Fukuoka Institute of Technology (FIT), in Fukuoka, Japan. FIT is located very close to "Fukkodai-Mae" station (the Station in the front of FIT) of JR (Japan Railways) Kagoshima Line. It takes about 3 minutes on foot from the train station to the main building of the university.

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A map of the FIT campus may be found here (PDF).


1. Hotel Centraza Hakata

Hotel Centraza Hakata is located very close to Hakata Train Station, which is the main train station in Fukuoka. From Hakata Station you need to take Kagoshima Honsen Line to go to Fukuoka Institute of Technology (FIT) where IEEE AINA-2012 International Conference will be held. It takes about 15-20 minutes by train.
The booking can be done direcly from the following Website:

2. Kamenoi Hotel

Kamenoi Hotel Fukuoka Wajiro is located very close with Fukuoka Institute of Technology (FIT). It takes about 7-10 minutes walking from the hotel to FIT. The information about the hotel can be found in the folloing URL:

However, the booking of the hotel can not be done by Website. Please use this e-mails: eliskulla{AT} and evjolaspaho{AT} to make the booking by e-mail. For the IEEE AINA conference we have reserved about 40 rooms so please make the reservation request as soon as possible. If the rooms are finished, you should find another hotel.

3. Other Hotels

Other hotels you can book from the following Websites:

Travel to Conference Venue

The Local Rail Transportation Map of Fukuoka City area is here (PDF).

From JR Hakata Station

Take JR train (Kagoshima Line, Trains Leaving Hakata Station) to "Fukkodai-Mae" station. Both the local (stop at each station) and the rapid (skip some stations) trains stop at "Fukkodai-Mae" station. The local trains operate every 20 minutes and it takes about 20 minutes from Hakata station to "Fukkodai-Mae" station. The rapid trains operate every 25 minutes and it takes about 15 minutes from Hakata station to "Fukkodai-Mae" station. The ticket price is 270 yen and there is no difference in the ticket price between the local and rapid trains.

From Fukuoka International Airport

Take the subway to "Hakata" station. Then transfer to "JR Kagoshima Line" and take the train for "Fukkodai-Mae" station. "Fukuokakuko (Airport)" subway station is located immediately below the domestic terminal. The subway fare to Hakata is 250 yen and it takes about 6 minutes. All trains from Fukuoka Airport go to Hakata. From the international terminal, there is a local bus service to Hakata Station (look for "Hakata" on the front of buses), which costs 190 yen. The other alternatives are the free shuttle buses to the domestic terminal where you can transfer to the subway, or you can take a taxi directly from the international terminal building.

From Hakata Harbour (Sea-Port) International Terminal

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to go from Hakata Harbour International Passenger Terminal to "Hakata" station or Tenjin station. The bus numbers 11 and 19 go to Hakata and bus numbers 55, 151, 152 and 209 go to Tenjin. The nearest subway station is "Gofukumachi" and it takes about 15 minutes on foot from the terminal. The other alternative is to take a taxi.

From Tenjin or Nakasu-Kawabata (Downtown) Area

Take the subway to "Hakata" station. Then transfer to "JR Kagoshima Line" and take the train for "Fukkodai-Mae" station.

Taxi Information

A large number of taxis operate 24 hours and can be found in many streets in the city. Outside stations and in other places with heavy pedestrian traffic, there are also taxi stands. An empty taxi can be spotted by a red sign behind the windscreen and to the driver's left side, or at night when the rooftop sign is illuminated. Most of the taxis are "ko-gata" (small), but there are also "chu-gata" (medium size) and "o-gata" (large) size taxis, which are more expensive. The fare for a ko-gata taxi is 550 yean up to 1.2 km and for each additional 200 meters is increased 50 yen. Between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., the fares are increased by 20%. It is not customary to tip the driver at the end of your journey. The followings are the expected fare of "ko-gata" taxi: from Fukuoka International Airport to FIT 5,000 yen; from Fukuoka International Airport to Hakata Station 1,350 yen; and from Hakata Harbour to FIT 4,500 yen.