The 26th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking
and Applications (AINA-2012) 
Fukuoka Institute of Technology (FIT), Fukuoka, Japan, March 26-29, 2012


 In conjunction with the AINA-2012 conference, some number of one-day workshops will be held.

If you would like to organize a workshop, please submit a workshop proposal including call for paper, number of papers to be accepted, contact person, to the AINA-2012 workshop Co-Chairs:

Fatos Xhafa (fatos.xhafa{at}, Technical University of Catalonia, Spain
Minoru Uehara (uehara{at}, Toyo University, Japan
David Taniar (dtaniar{at}, Monash University, Australia
Sang-Soo Yeo (sangsooyeo{at}, Mokwon University, Korea

by June 30, 2011. Proceedings of the AINA-2012 workshops will be published by IEEE CPS. The schedule of each workshop should follow the conference schedule.

AINA 2012 Workshops

  1. The Fifth International Workshop on Data Management for Wireless and Pervasive Communications (DMWPC 2012)

  2. The International Workshop on Networked Virtual Enterprises (NetVE 2012)

  3. The Seventh International Workshop on the Performance Analysis and Enhancement of Wireless Networks (PAEWN'12)

  4. The Fourth International Workshop on Information Technology for Innovative Services(ITIS-2012)

  5. The Third International Workshop on Quantitative Evaluation of large-scale Systems and Technologies(QuEST-12)

  6. The Fifth International Symposium on Mining and Web(MAW-12)

  7. The Fourth International Workshop on Disaster and Emergency Information Network Systems (IWDENS'2012)

  8. International Workshop on Bio and Intelligent Computing (BICom 2012)

  9. The Eighth International Workshop on Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (HWISE 2012)

  10. The Fifth International Workshop on Telecommunication Networking, Applications and Systems (TeNAS2012)

  11. The Second International Workshop on Protocols and Applications with Multi-Homing Support (PAMS 2012)

  12. The 2012 International Symposium on Object-Oriented Intelligent Web Information Technologies and Applications (OIWITA 2012)

  13. The Third International Workshop on Cloud Computing, Services and Interoperability (CCSI 2012)

  14. The Sixth International Symposuim on Security and Multimodality in Pervasive Environment (SMPE-2012)

  15. The second International Workshop on Context Aware Middleware for Ubiquitous Computing Environments (CAM 12)

  16. The First International Workshop on inter-Clouds and Collective Intelligence (iCCI-2012)

  17. The Second International Workshop on Complex Information Flows (CIF 2012)

  18. The Third IEEE International Workshop on Vehicular Networking (VON-12)

  19. The 2012 IEEE International Workshop on Bioinformatics and Life Science Modeling and Computing (BLSMC 12)

  20. The Eighth International Symposium on Frontiers of Information Systems and Network Applications (FINA 2012)