The 15th International Conference on Network-Based Information Systems

Melbourne, Australia
September 26 - 28, 2012

The International Conference on Network-Based Information Systems (NBiS) started as an International Workshop in 1998, which was held in Vienna, Austria in conjunction with DEXA International Conference. From 1998, NBiS had been held successfully every year with high quality papers being presented. Since the 9th NBiS in 2006, which was held in Krakow, Poland, NBiS has been promoted to an International Conference, whereby the 10th NBiS was held in Regensburg, Germany in 2007 as an International Conference.

NBiS is becoming a very important event for the network research community and is improved every year in both quality and quantity. The NBiS International Conference moves around the world in all continents; NBIS-2009 in Indianapolis, USA, NBiS-2010 in Takayama, Japan, and NBiS-2011 at the Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania. This year NBiS-2012 will be held in Melbourne, Australia.

The main objective of NBiS is to bring together researchers from both network systems and information systems with the aim of encouraging the exchange of ideas and experience between these two communities. It will represent an international forum to give an overview of the most recent trends. In the past decade, our network infrastructures have undergone radical changes. It has evolved from a small number of interconnected computer networks to a global socio-technical infrastructure, where people communicate and interact spontaneously in cyberspace and with the cyber physical world, create content and share knowledge over a network of heterogeneous networks. In the future, global society will increasingly rely on socio-technical networks designed in harmony with societal values and economic viability, with enhanced security, privacy, resilience, availability and manageability, and the ability to incorporate as yet unforeseen technologies, applications and services.

Future networks should be available anytime and anywhere, be accessible from any communication device, require little or no management overhead, be resilient to failures and malicious attacks, and be trustworthy for all types of communication. They must be able to evolve over time to incorporate new technologies, support new classes of applications, and meet new requirements and challenges. They also need to accommodate growth and unforeseen changes across many dimensions, including traffic load, network size and topology, physical link characteristics, different types of applications, and heterogeneity, without significant performance degradation.

The conference scope ranges from home networks with numerous "smart" appliances to enterprise networks, core networks, and application-level networks.

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